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Welcome to GR Scott

Coldroom specialists

Here at GR Scott's we are understandably proud of the quality, durability and value of the freezers and cold rooms we produce.

Manufactured at our West Yorkshire factory each cold room is individually designed to precise specifications to meet your needs. We don't believe that you should have to select the nearest size available; we design and manufacture our cold rooms exactly to suit your requirements. However, we do offer a range of "off the shelf", standard rooms, with or without refrigeration.

With attention to detail paramount we feel we produce possibly the most durable and practical cold rooms available today. Computer aided design helps speed up and simplify the design and manufacture of any thing from the smallest modular cold room to the largest industrial warehouse.

Our cold rooms and freezers are individually designed Utilizing the latest in insulation technology combined with a wide range of hard wearing hygienic wall and floor finishes. Contact us to find out more...